Technical innovations are the success drivers for several companies.

As a result, they distance themselves from their competitors and create an advantage for themselves within the market. In order to use and maintain the unique position and competitive advantage, security via property rights is imperative. Many companies throughout the world have recognised this and the number of patent applications is rising sharply each year.

Patents can deny or impede competitors market access. Patent licenses can generate license income. Patents can be used for cross-licensing in cases of contention with further patent owners in order to avoid conviction. Due to this considerable significance of patents, banks normally assess a company’s patent portfolio very generously.

Patents not only come into question for basic inventions. They are often further developments of existing technology which can be registered as a patent. All further developments within a company should therefore be checked as to whether they are patentable.

We have handled the registration and also the implementation of patents for several decades. Equally, license agreements and further agreements concerning our patents belong to our core business. We are happy to advise you on all questions pertaining to proprietary law. Please contact us.


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