Patent Law

Technical Innovations are the driving force behind the success of many companies. Thereby they differentiate themselves from the competition and gain a lead on the market. In order to profit from this unique position and from the competitive advantage and to keep them, a protection by protective rights is essential. Many companies all over the world have recognised this so that the number of patent applications is rising fast annually.

The competitors´ access to the market can be refused or complicated by patents. Royalties can be generated from patent licences. Patents can be used in disputes with other patent owners for Cross-Licensing to avoid a conviction. Because of this significant importance of patents, banks usually evaluate the patent portfolio of an enterprise very generously.

Patents are not only to be taken into consideration for basic inventions. Often developments of already existing technologies can be applied as a patent. Every single development in an enterprise should be checked if it is patentable.

We have been engaged for decades in the application and also the enforcement of patents. License agreements and other contracts relating to patents are also part of our core business. We will be very glad to advise you in all questions concerning patent law. Please contact us.

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