Patent attorney

Dr.-Ing. Christian Heckmann


Christian Heckmann studied mechanical engineering in Dortmund, where he also worked as a research and teaching assistant and received his doctorate. In 2022, after completing his education, he was sworn in as a German and patent attorney.

As a mechanical engineer, Christian Heckmann  is an expert in the fields of mechanics and fluid mechanics and mass and heat transport, as well as design theory and machine elements. As a lawyer, he is active in German, European and international patent law, both preparing patent applications and examining and prosecuting patent infringements.

 In his private life, the father of two children is a family man. To stay physically fit, he enjoys hiking and swimming.


Apothekerstraße 55D-59755 Arnsberg



+49 (0) 29 32 / 97 61 0


+49 (0) 29 32 / 97 61 22

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