Birgit Hein


Birgit Hein already specialised in commercial law during her studies and her preparatory service period. She has worked for the law office FRITZ since 1998. Since then, she has worked in the field of industrial property rights. After her preparatory service period, she also took an additional qualification in an 11-month seminar for commercial law and related legal areas.

Since she was admitted as a lawyer in 1999, she has mostly worked in the area of trademark and competition law at the law office FRITZ. She was admitted as a specialist lawyer for industrial property rights by the Hamm Bar Association in 2007.

She also passes her know-how on in lectures. In addition to travel, art and literature, in private she loves fast cars. Moreover, she enjoys swimming and playing golf.


Apothekerstraße 55D-59755 Arnsberg



+49 (0) 29 32 / 97 61 0


+49 (0) 29 32 / 97 61 22

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